Liberty Rider Premium gitfted by Leocare for free

Leocare and Liberty Rider are associated to work for the protection of 2-wheeler riders. Thanks to this partnership, all Leocare 2-wheeler customers have access to all advantages of the Liberty Rider Premium membership for free. The guarantee to ride safely!

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Road safety innovation award
+ 750 000
More than 6000 positive reviews

Accident detection

Start your motorcycle ride, Liberty Rider analyzes the sensors of your phone. In the event of a fall, our services are alerted, carry out checks and attempt to call you. If you are not able to respond, emergency services are dispatched.

2 algorithms for your safety

Liberty Rider has developed 2 algorithms to ensure ever more safety for motorcycle riders: - While moving, Liberty Rider checks that you are on a motorcycle, and automatically starts the protection service. - As you approach a curve, Liberty Rider analyzes your speed and the shape of the road. In case of incompatibility between the two, Liberty Rider alerts you directly in the GPS. Two additional safety nets offered by Leocare.

Flooz doubled by Leocare

You earn the Flooz currency every time you ride a kilometer with Liberty Rider. Use them to claim equipment and protect yourself even more. Providing yourself the Premium membership, your earnings are doubled by Leocare.

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