Liberty Rider's emergency dispatch now integrated into In&motion Airbag vests!

In&motion and Liberty Rider have joined forces for the protection of motorcyclists. Thanks to this partnership, In&motion connected airbags now integrate the emergency call and emergency dispatch features of Liberty Rider. This feature is now available in the app My In&box and must be activated by the owner of the vest. Update the In&motion app:

In&motion Airbag vest with Liberty Rider 2-wheeler driver eCall

1. In&motion detects an abnormal situation

Pioneer in connected airbags, In&motion equips tens of thousands of motorcyclists in more than 45 countries. In 20 months : 500 protected accidents and 26,815 days lived after an accident.

2. The airbag is triggered

The feature must be activated in the My In&box application. If an accident occurs, the triggering of the airbag starts the "Emergency call" process provided by Liberty Rider. The alert is then transmitted to our assistance center. The rider will be called up to 3 times. If he does not pick up, emergency services are dispatched right to the accident location.

3. Emergency response

The exact location of the rider is transmitted to the center, allowing interventions in France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and of course France and the DOM-TOM: Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Reunion and Mayotte. To this are added the 2 principalities: Andorra and Monaco.

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