Maddalena Pass and Stura Valley on a motorcycle

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Colle della Maddalena is situated on the border between Italy and France, offering a thrilling motorcycle route from Valle Stura di Demonte to the Ubaye Valley. If Hannibal had chosen this path instead of Colle delle Traversette, his journey would have been quicker and less arduous. This alpine pass boasts relatively flat terrain and wide curves, making it a true joy to ride.

The Italian side of the pass is undoubtedly more enjoyable to traverse than the French side, which features only five hairpin turns and a few other curves. That's why the ascent from Pietraporzio is undoubtedly much more fun.

Before reaching the pass, you'll come across the small Lago della Maddalena, complete with a refuge where you can stop and soak in the view. In this area, which witnessed intense battles, you may also spot the remnants of fortifications like the Fort de Tournopux. Some of these routes are accessible on enduro motorcycles, but be mindful of any restrictions.

What to See: The Valle Stura di Demonte offers numerous picturesque viewpoints and charming villages to explore. There are also plenty of activities to enjoy, such as a visit to Pontebernardo, where you can explore the Ecomuseo della Pastorizia, ending with a visit to a dairy farm. In Argentera, you can explore the Casa del Contrabbandiere, an exhibit showcasing the history of smuggling over time. The Fort de Vinadio is one of the region's most beautiful and impressive defensive structures, open for visits on weekends and throughout August.

Other Routes: Surrounding Colle della Maddalena are numerous equally spectacular alpine passes, including Col de Vars, Colle della Lombarda, Col de Turini, Col de la Bonette, and Restefond de la Bonette. Plan your routes carefully and get organized. Here, for example, you can find instructions for experiencing 11 passes in 48 hours.

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