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San Boldo Pass between the Trevigiana Valley and Valbelluna

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The San Boldo Pass by motorbike is an incomparable adventure, offering breathtaking panoramas on both sides of the majestic central Belluno Pre-Alps.

Nicknamed the "road of 100 days", this pass links the provinces of Treviso and Belluno. Its construction, completed in just 100 days by the Austrian army in 1918, was a remarkable feat involving the creation of 5 tunnels.

This historic pass, used since Roman times, represents a vital route linking the Alps to the plain. It became accessible in 1918 thanks to Austrian military engineering, marking the end of hostilities between Italy and Austria. Your journey begins in Vittorio Veneto, a town named after the battle that sealed the peace in 1918.

From Vittorio Veneto, you head north towards Belluno. After passing Serravalle, turn left towards Revine and its famous lakes, then continue as far as Tovena. Here you begin the ascent of Passo San Boldo.

This pass, over 700 metres high, begins with an impeccable road that takes you to a restaurant nestling in a hairpin bend. The 5 narrow tunnels and traffic lights add excitement to your journey. After 6 km, you reach San Boldo, where the medieval customs house once stood. From here, continue your journey towards Trichiana, in the province of Belluno, and enter Cadore.

Throughout the year, cycle tourists challenge themselves to climb the 18 hairpin bends to the summit, making the Col de San Boldo a popular destination. Every year, exciting cycling events such as the San Boldo cycle tour and the San Boldo time trial take place, adding a sporting touch to this exceptional itinerary.Other passes in the region, such as the Salita del Kaiser and the Passo Giau, offer an unforgettable motorcycling experience between Alto Adige and Veneto.

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