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Lombardy is home to mountain passes of undeniable beauty, including the San Marco Pass and the Val Taleggio, which stand out for their unique charm. From Morbegno, famous for its "cantine aperte" event, the San Marco Pass unfolds, offering a winding route through the Orobic Alps to Bergamo. This route, popular for testing the BMW F 750 GS, presents challenges with its hairpin bends and sometimes tricky road sections, but rewards travelers with exceptional panoramas of the Valtellina and striking nature.

The pass, at 1,985 meters above sea level, is also rich in history, having been a vital trade route under the Venetian Republic. The Cà San Marco refuge, a witness to the past, marks the legacy of this era with a plaque commemorating its role in monitoring economic exchanges.

The descent to Bergamo offers a transition to gentler landscapes, while the road to Val Taleggio, nicknamed the "little Switzerland of Bergamo", enchants with its unspoilt natural environment and its famous cheese, Taleggio stracchino. The route is characterized by the Ravin du Val Taleggio, a gorge shaped by the Enna torrent, offering a natural spectacle of great beauty.

Travelers in search of diversity will be delighted to explore the various routes, such as the SP25 to Val Sassina or the descent to the Brembilla valley, each promising unique discoveries between majestic mountains, historic trails and hidden waterfalls. This region, with its breathtaking scenery and warm welcome, invites discovery and ensures unforgettable memories for all who venture here.

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