East Sicily coast: from Aci Castello to Avola

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Travel east by motorbike, from the enchantment of Aci Castello to the splendour of Avola, via the must-see Ortigia to Syracuse and the Cassibile Reserve.

Start at Aci Castello, where a Norman castle sits on a rock shaped by the ancient eruptions of Mount Etna. The Cyclops, 70-metre-high basalt rocks, line the coastline, providing a landscape of artistic inspiration.

ilennIn Syracuse, immerse yourself in Greek and Roman history at the Neapolis Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the fascinating catacombs of San Giovanni, an underground marvel.

The island of Ortigia welcomes you with the Fonte Aretusa and its baroque charms. Admire the cathedral, Palazzo Vermexio, and the church of Santa Lucia with Caravaggio's masterpiece.

Continue along the sea to the castle of Maniace and the temple of Apollo, the oldest Doric temple in Sicily. Explore architectural treasures such as Palazzo Bellomo and Palazzo Chiaramonte.

Avola will win you over with its hexagonal historic centre. Piazza Umberto I is home to the church of San Nicolò and Palazzo Pignatelli.

Discover the church of San Giovanni Battista, the Palazzo Municipale, and the old Market.Don't miss a refreshing jaunt to the Cavagrande del Cassibile reserve, one of Sicily's most beautiful reserves. Explore the lakes of Avola, a corner of paradise between Syracuse and Avola. A motorbike trip through eastern Sicily is full of unforgettable discoveries.

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