Salento on a motorcycle from Leuca to Otranto

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The SP 81, known as one of Italy's most picturesque motorbike routes, offers an unforgettable journey through Salento and Puglia. This coastal road runs alongside such jewels as Castro, Santa Cesarea Terme and Porto Badisco. Explore this Mediterranean paradise by motorbike, discovering beautiful beaches, rich cultural traditions and exceptional cuisine.

Your journey begins in Santa Maria di Leuca, a small seaside town nestled between cliffs and sandy coves.

Explore the historic sea caves and take advantage of the seabed for diving. Climb the 184 steps to the sanctuary of Santa Maria di Leuca for panoramic views of the coast.

Continue on to Castro, a fascinating medieval village with a mix of Castro Marina, with its fishermen's caves, and Castro Superiore, an old town perched on the hills. Admire the 16th-century fortifications and the cathedral with its Romanesque and Byzantine influences.

In Santa Cesarea Terme, relax in the sulphurous, salso-iodic thermal waters. Explore the 19th century villas and streets lined with elegant houses, giving you the impression of being in another era.

A must-see stop in Porto Badisco will allow you to enjoy the sea air, salt and Mediterranean maquis. Explore the Grotta dei Cervi, a "Sistine Chapel of prehistory", unfortunately closed to the public since 1970.

End your journey in Otranto, known for its magnificent cathedral, its 12th-century mosaic and its tumultuous history. Explore the Aragonese Castle, the cobbled streets of the old town and relax on the nearby beaches of the Alimini Lakes.

This motorbike trip will take you through the outstanding natural and cultural beauty of Salento and Puglia, while providing an unforgettable experience. Enjoy every moment of this journey along the SP 81, a road that deserves its reputation.

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