Lake Castel San Vincenzo: itinerary between Molise and Abruzzo

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Explore the lake of Castel San Vincenzo, located between Molise and Abruzzo, along a picturesque route revealing the splendor of central Italy. This tour is ideal for bikers in search of authenticity, combining ancient villages, local gastronomy and breathtaking natural scenery. Castel San Vincenzo, perched at over 700 meters above sea level, offers a breathtaking view of the artificial lake, the local landmark. Nearby, discover the Abbey of San Vincenzo al Volturno, a major monastic site from the Middle Ages, witness to the region's religious and strategic history. The lake, created in the 1950s for hydroelectric power, invites you to relax with its sandy beaches and swimming areas. Recommended departure from Isernia, along the Statale 627 to Fornelli, famous for its olive oil. The road winds up to Castel San Vincenzo for a must-see stop at the abbey. The journey continues with hairpin bends towards Abruzzo and Barrea, offering a refreshing opportunity for a swim in the eponymous lake, thus concluding an escapade rich in discoveries and panoramas.

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Lake Castel San Vincenzo: itinerary between Molise and Abruzzo 1

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