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The Lakes Route: the best of Friuli on a motorcycle

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Francesco Tamai shares his motorcycle journey through Friuli, dubbed the "Via dei laghi", a region rich in legends and landscapes. He begins his journey from the Pedemontana (SP29), admiring the extensive view from Treviso to Udine. Along the way, he crosses the Cellina stream, the symbol of his aquatic adventure. As he climbs towards Piancavallo and Barcis, he passes through a variety of landscapes, from dense forests to arid terrain, to reach the artificial lake of Barcis, a haven of tranquillity.

Continuing towards Montereale Valcellina and Andreis, he discovers Poffabro, famous for its architecture and Christmas cribs. The road then leads to Lake Redona and Sauris, famous for its ham. The slippery tunnels before Lake Sauris reveal a view of turquoise waters set in the mountains. In Sauris, he feasts on cured ham before continuing on to Val Pesarina, where Pesariis, a clock-making village, fills him with wonder. The route ends near Lake Cavazzo, Friuli's largest natural lake, and Lake Cornino, a jewel box of icy beauty housing a wildlife reserve. This journey illustrates the fusion of nature and history, offering breathtaking panoramas and enriching encounters.

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