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Monte Zoncolan “the Kaiser's climb”

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Mount Zoncolan, also known as "the Kaiser", represents a formidable challenge for cyclists, with its vertiginous gradients of up to 20% and its rare but steep hairpin bends. This climb, famous for its sections with gradients of over 15%, is also attractive to bikers, despite the need for caution on the descents. Leaving Ovaro on the SP123 towards Sutrio is recommended for tackling the most arduous sections, crossing passes such as Mortirolo and Colle delle Finestre.From the summit, the panorama offers splendid views of Carnia and the Pesarine Dolomites. For an enriching experience, stop off at Agriturismo Malga Pozof to sample the local produce. The descent to Sutrio, though less steep, offers a pleasant ride with many curves, ideal for motorcycle enthusiasts.

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All motorcycle trips Italie
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