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Lake Bolsena, the complete guide

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Our motorcycle itinerary explores Lake Bolsena, Italy's fifth largest lake, nestled at the junction of Umbria and Tuscany, in the heart of the Vulsinio volcanic complex. It offers a soothing landscape and historic villages both on its shores and on the slopes of the Volsini mountains. Departure from Bolsena, the lake's namesake town, rich in remains dating back to the 4th century BC and a flourishing Roman era with its amphitheatre and necropolis. The medieval heart of Bolsena is home to the Collegiate Church of Santa Cristina, built on ancient catacombs, and the 13th-century Castle, which houses the lake museum.nMontefiascone offers a breathtaking view of the lake from 590 m above sea level, with key sites including the church of S. Flaviano and the 16th-century cathedral. Capodimonte, famous for its Rocca Farnese and the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta, stands out for its commanding position on the lake. Not far away, the Museum of Inland Water Navigation is well worth a visit. Grotte di Castro, built on a tufa cliff, reveals a rich past dating back to Etruscan times, with its numerous necropolises. It was a refuge for Civita's survivors fleeing destruction, bearing witness to a tumultuous history marked by Roman and Lombard invasions. This motorcycle tour is a journey through the history, culture and natural beauty of Lake Bolsena and the surrounding area.

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