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Liberty Rider
Liberty Rider

The motorcyclist's
guardian angel

Moto GPS, Accident SOS

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An accident?
Liberty is here for you.

Launch Liberty Rider every time you start a ride. If you fall and need help, we intervene.


The app detects your fall, using the phone sensors.


Our emergency center calls you 3 times.


If you don't answer, emergency services are sent to your GPS location.


Fast or Fun navigation, dangerous curves alert, ride recording with route and pictures.
A GPS built for motorcycles.


Live tracking by text messages, accident detection. Serene rider, family reassured: technology applied to safety.


Wild getaway or quiet trip? An hour around the city or several days in the region? The Liberty community offers the most beautiful roadbooks.

Your ride sherpa

Ride sharing and accident detection to reassure friends and family when you're riding your motorcycle.

A roadbook platform continuously enriched by the Liberty Rider users' tribe.

A GPS made for motorcyclists with varying levels of sinuosity.

Perfect 👌 See you at home my darling. Have a good ride!
Thanks 😘

Reassure your loved ones

Liberty texts your loved ones at the start and end of each motorcycle ride. If you wish, they can also follow you live during your trip.

Liberty watches over you for them too.


The adventurer inside you

The most beautiful motorcycle rides are available to prepare for the next one-hour or multi-day outing.

Create your route. Choose between perfect asphalt or steep paths. Draw the route.

More than 10000 motorcycle rides throughout France, Belgium and Italy

Choose your roadbook

Directly start the roadbook of your choice in the Liberty Rider GPS

The GPS made for motorcyclists

You don't guide a motorcyclist the way you guide a motorist. Liberty knows it.Three driving modes: Fast, Compromise and Fun.

Your insurance gives you the Premium subscription for free

And many more advantages...

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