The complete rider kit


Ride protected and reassure your loved ones!

Motorcycling sometimes worries riders, but more often their friends and family. What about riding with less worry and more fun?

Crash detection

An accident while driving? Liberty sends an alert. Emergency services are notified in less than 5 minutes.

Call center 24/7

No closing hours for our assistance. We're ready to intervene 24/7

Automatic launch

Starting a ride? Accident detection is automatically started. Your guardian angel sits on your shoulder... The route is yours.

SMS sending

Your loved ones will no longer ask you for the little reassuring SMS, Liberty sends it for you.

Live tracking

If you wish, your loved ones can follow you live during your trip.

Automatic pause

Having a coffee? A nap? Liberty will pause itself. Your stats are safe and your friends and family are reassured.

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Motorcycle GPS: fun and curves

Liberty knows all the roads in your country! Whether you ride for fun or to reach a destination, we recommend the best road you should take!

Curvy roads or direct route: the choice is yours!

The Liberty GPS warns when entering too fast in a dangerous bend.


More than a roadtrip:
an adventure

For an improvised or long-prepared trip, experience the freedom.


A one-hour or a two-day roadtrip? You choose.


Loops or one-way trips: all tastes are on the road.


Warning! Don't get your knee down on an open road!

What if your insurance supported the Premium subscription?



Send Live sharing (via text message)
Trips / Roadbook
Motorcycling GPS
Rides history
Get Flooz for each ridden km


All the Free version features
Accident detection and emergency dispatch
Automatic start of the app as soon as you start the motorcycle
Dangerous bends alert
2x more Flooz at each ridden km


And more to come...

An updated shop

Extremely limited quantities of motorcycle accessories that rock: ride to get everything!

Service book

A mechanical advisor based on your mileage

Picture sharing

Your most beautiful memories embellish your most beautiful rides!


The more you ride, the more you earn. Collect badges